About Us

The Independence Science & Technology Center (ISTC) Board of Directors would like to extend an invitation to you to be an active part in our mission to provide an interactive, hands-on science experience for Independence and area youth and their families. ISTC was established in 1992, conceived as a non-profit community statement of values, an investment in our children and the future, and as a cultural institution defining Independence and
Southeast Kansas as a caring and progressive community.

ISTC is not only a safe haven with hands-on exhibits and activities center, but provides special weekend and summer programs both in house and in other communities. We are also a proud sponsor of Kid’s Crew and a participant of the “All About Kids” back to school events. Area schools are encouraged and welcome to schedule an educational field trip. 

Special Exhibits

See our life sized Deinonychus, Komodo Dragon, Rockhopper Penguin, Dodo bird, and have Albert Eisenstein greet you at the door. Ride the anti-gravity simulator and let the Van der Graaf make your hair stand on end. Watch the H0 model train run or  let the preschooler play with Thomas the Train display.

Director: Leslie Fox


Meet the Board



Rayma Bishir

Vice President

Patsy Bowen


Ned Stichman


Tony Cook


Kwynn Kyd


England Porter


Coty MacRae-Cullum